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Dear NCSY GIVErs and families,

The big day is here!! YAHOO!!!

Below is the email that I sent out last week with all of the details of the reunion. Just to review the highlights:

  • Queens/Woodmere bus: For those registered, the bus will leave Central at 12:45 pm sharp and arrive at Young Israel of Woodmere at approximately 1:15 pm. It is critical that those taking the bus arrive to the scheduled bus stops on time so as not to hold up the group.
  • Check-in: Check-in will be taking place at Young Israel of Staten Island (835 Forest Hill Road. SI, NY 10314) between 1-2 pm. As the main sanctuary of the shul is under construction, we will be using the gym for our check-in point. The entrance to the gym is the middle set of doors on the front of the building, not the doors with stairs on the outside leading up to them nor the doors that open up to a flight of stairs. We will have a sign on the gym door.
  • Payment: Please bring a check/cash with you to the reunion if you have not yet paid. Reunion fee is $80, with an additional $20 for those who are taking the bus. Checks should be made out to NCSY.
  • Pick-Up: Reunion concludes at 10:30 pm on Motzai Shabbos. Pickup will be from the same point of entrance to the YISI building that was used for check-in. If you are taking the Woodmere bus, we will be departing at approximately 10:45 and arriving at Young Israel of Woodmere at approximately 11:30/11:45 pm.

This weekend is sure to be one filled with inspiration, excitement, reminiscing and creating new memories together. We are so excited to have over 60% of our GIVErs attending! What an awesome turnout!! Can’t wait to reunite and reignite the spark.

Wishing you and yours a beautiful shabbos and for those who can’t be here, we’ll miss you!

Erin and the NCSY GIVE Staff



Hey NCSY GIVErs and Parents!


Although we’re always excited for shabbos, we are getting extra excited for this shabbos, Dec 4-5! 


And now for the details…


Airport Pickups:
Unless you have contacted Alexa with your flight information, it is fair to assume that we will not be picking you up from the airport. If you did contact us with appropriate flight information, make sure to have Alexa’s phone number with you (404-783-2596) in case of emergency or if you’re running late. There will be airport pickups from Newark and LGA on Friday morning for flights landing between 8 am-11 am and airport drop offs at Newark and LGA on Sunday for flights departing between 8 am and 12 pm. If your flight does not fall into this time frame, please make sure you have alternate arrangements to get to the airport and please confirm with Alexa that all travel details are set in place.

Transportation To and From Reunion:

Due to lack of interest, there will NOT be bussing offered from Teaneck to or from the reunion. There will be bussing from the Five Towns and Queens though, both to and from reunion. The bus will pick up in Queens at Central at 12:45 pm and will then travel to the Five Towns for a 1:15 pm pickup at Young Israel of Woodmere. From there the bus will travel to Staten Island. The same drop off points will be used on Motzai Shabbos, with the plan to leave Staten Island at approximately 10:30 pm. The fee for the bus will be $20 roundtrip. Anyone who did not sign up for bussing will be responsible to find their own transportation both TO and FROM the reunion. We recommend carpooling with other girls in your neighborhood.

Friday Drop Off:
We will be meeting at the shul on Friday afternoon between 1-2 pm for check-in and light refreshments. GIVErs will then receive housing information, go to hosts to get ready, and then meet back at the shul for candle lighting, etc. The shul’s address is 835 Forest Hill Road. SI, NY 10314. (NOTE: Pickup on Motzai Shabbos will also be at the shul.)

We will be spending shabbos in the Staten Island community. Please abide by the NCSY GIVE dress code for the entirety of the weekend.


Motzai Shabbos:

Motzai Shabbos we will join with GIVE West to host a Melave Malka for the local Beis Ezra women’s home, an organization that provides housing and services for women with varying levels of disabilities. The women will join us for a night of dancing, singing, eating and all around GIVE wackiness. Feel free to bring costumes!


Gifts for Shabbos Hosts: 
We will be providing gifts for those families hosting girls for the weekend. Therefore, do not feel obligated to bring your own gift.

Reunion Fee:

If you have not yet paid your reunion fee by calling the National Office (212-613-8167), please bring a check with you to the reunion for $80. The check should be made out to NCSY and will be collected at registration. (If you are taking the Five Towns bus, you can include the bus fee in the same check as the reunion fee.)


Reunion Schedule:
Below you will find the schedule for the weekend. Times are subject to change.


As always, be in touch with any questions. Email is the best way to reach me. If you have any changes or complications that arise regarding your attendance, please be in touch with Alexa. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the reunion as b’shaah tovah, I’m due this week, but at least it’s for a good reason, right? I can’t wait to hear all the awesome details and see pictures! Don’t have too much fun without me 🙂



Wishing you a wonderful week ahead and will be in touch next week with final pre-reunion updates and details!



Erin and the NCSY GIVE Staff



NCSY GIVE 2015- Reunion Schedule



FRIDAY, December 4

8 am- 11 am Arrival! Welcome to NY!

1- 2 pm Registration at Young Israel of Staten Island (835 Forest Hill Road 10314)

3:45 pm Meet at YISI

4:11 pm Candle Lighting at YISI

4:20 pm Mincha

4:30 pm Kabbalas Shabbos and Maariv at YISI

5:30 pm Shabbos Seudah #1     

7:00 pm Family Reunions

7:30 pm GIVEaldik Activity

8:30 pm Tisch at YISI

Walking groups back to Shabbos hosts

Layla Tov!


SHABBOS, December 5

Boker Tov!

9:00 am Shacharis at YISI

11:30 am  Lunch! 

1:00 pm Beit Midrash and Learning Program

2:00 pm Free time! Hang-out at YISI or the Cutlers (48 Boone St.) 4:05 pm Mincha

4:15 pm Shabbos Seudah #3 aka Shalashudes

4:45 pm Slow Shira and Ebbing

5:15 pm Shabbos Ends L Maariv and Havdalah

Shavua Tov! 6 more days ‘til shabbos!! Oy yoy yoy yoy yoy yoy!

7:45 pm Meet back at YISI with all of your luggage and get ready to paaaarty with GIVE West and Beis Ezra for a rockin’ Melave Malka!

10:30 pm BBFN GIVErs!! (Bye Bye For Now)


Have a safe trip home! We’ll miss you!!

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