Girls Israel Volunteer Experience

Dear NCSY GIVErs and families,

This past shabbos was just fantastic! It’s hard to believe that it had been so long since our GIVE family was last together. Despite the time-lapse though, it felt as if nothing had changed.
On behalf of the entire NCSY GIVE staff, I want to thank you for making time to reconnect with your fellow GIVErs and for opening up your hearts once again to the inspirational GIVE magic. Thank you to all of the families who made it possible for each of you to attend and a special thank you to those families that hosted GIVErs over shabbos and welcomed in our extended GIVE family.
As we look ahead to the holiday of Chanukah, let us have the strength to allow the beautiful chanukah lights into our hearts and allow them to not only serve as a spark for ourselves, but as a light that will brighten the world around us for better times ahead.
Can’t wait to hear from you and continue to see all of the amazing things you will accomplish! Remember that your advisors are here for you and are truly invested in you. We hope to be a part of your lives for years to come… this is just the beginning 🙂
Wishing you and yours a wonderful week and a happy upcoming Chanukah!
Erin and the NCSY GIVE Family
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