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NCSY GIVE 2014: Reunion Announcement!
Hello NCSY GIVErs and Families!
I hope that everyone is doing well and getting excited for the start of a new year- both a new school year and the upcoming new year – yes, Rosh Hashanah is just around the corner! Grab your apples and honey and practice your dip.
This time of year also means that it’s time for the NCSY GIVE 2014 Reunion! As this was a very special and unique summer, having a regular reunion would not cut it. That’s why this year, rather than just getting together for a random shabbos in the middle of the winter, NCSY GIVE will be hosting our reunion over… SIMCHAS TORAH!!
That’s right ladies: three glorious days of singing, dancing, Torah, chessed, inspiration, reuniting, eating (mmm) and insane amounts of fun. And Alexander.
Where is this taking place? No, not in NY. That’s SO every other summer. We’re too special for that. For our Simchatoreunion (say it with me: simcha-to-re-union), I am thrilled to welcome you to my community in… DETROIT, Michigan! You read that right…
GIVE 2014 is going to Detroit for our FIRST Annual Simchatoreunion! 
Here are the details:
Wednesday, October 15- Sunday, October 19 (Second days of Sukkos/Simchas Torah)
Oak Park, Michigan
If you sign up for reunion by Thursday, September 11, total cost for all three days of yomtov is $150. If you sign up AFTER Thursday, September 11, the cost increases to $175. Make sure to get your registration in on time! 
    ** This cost does not include travel.
For those traveling from the tri-state area:

We all know that GIVErs love bus rides, so to take us back to all of those wonderful times on the bus… 

NCSY GIVE will be chartering a bus that will leave from the NY/NJ area late at night on Tuesday, October 14 (exact location and time TBD) and drive through the night, to arrive in Detroit on Wednesday morning. The bus will then leave Detroit on Motzai Shabbos, October 18 and drive through the night to arrive in NY/NJ on Sunday morning.

Cost to take the bus: $125 roundtrip

For those traveling from outside of the tri-state area:

Flights should be booked from your airport to Detroit Metro Airport (DTW) and should land in Detroit on Wednesday, October 15 between 8 am and 12 pm noon. Return flights should be booked out of DTW between 9 am and 12 pm noon. (The sooner your book, the cheaper the flights!)
Please send Erica your flight information BEFORE booking so that she can make sure it is acceptable. Erica can be reached at


Because we miss each other and NEED to reunite. ASAP. The more time together the better. Hence, 3 day yom tov reunion.
How to Sign Up:
Please click on and complete the following link so that we know if you are able to attend. Please complete only one form per GIVEr, meaning that rather than both GIVEr and parent fill out separate forms, one or other completes it. The form cannot be submitted without payment, so have your credit card ready!

Reasons why the Simchatoreunion is Awesome: 
compiled by an anonymous advisor
  • Detroit is an amazing Jewish community that would be enhanced tremendously by our GIVE energy. Our presence would bring genuine simcha and excitement that would make this special holiday of Simchas Torah absolutely incredible for the members of the community.
  • We will have the opportunity to do chessed locally, both at the shul and in the community! (Once a GIVEr, always a GIVEr.)
  • You’ll get to meet Shoshie, Amanda and Chaya’s families.
  • This is basically Torah Tours: GIVE Style- bringing simcha to smaller Jewish communities in need of some awesome ruach. What a zechus!
  • Simchas Torah is all about spreading your love for torah, chessed, and serving Hashem. What better way to do that than by visiting a new community and inspiring them with our excitement and love for Judaism?! 
  • As we saw with our flashmob at Mamilla Mall, our enthusiasm and love for Hashem is contagious! Time to spread it some more!
  • You will get to meet Jews you would have never met otherwise, make an impact on their lives, and enhance their holiday. By doing so, they will surely make an impact on your life and enhance your holiday!
  • You can recharge your battery.
  • You’ll get to see your unbelievably amazing advisors! Ahhhh!
  • You’ll reunite with your “sisters” and relive all the amazing memories you created this summer!

Remember: the more GIVErs, the more energy, the more fun, the more chessed, the more lives changed and bettered because of YOU! (And the more awesome the Simchatoreunion!)

RSVP by Thursday, September 11 for the discounted cost!
See you there! 
Wishing you and your family a beautiful shabbos!
Erin and your very excited GIVE advisors 🙂
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