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NCSY GIVE 2015: Good shabbos from… all over Israel!

Dear NCSY GIVE Parents,

There’s nothing quite like sleeping in one morning after weeks of intensive awesomeness. (I just wish my baby got that memo!) As much as we’re missing our GIVErs, we’re sure that they’re having a blast on their free weekend visiting family and friends across the country!

There’s so much to reflect on from this past week.

After a beautiful shabbos together in Mevaseret, we transitioned into Tisha Ba’av for an incredibly meaningful program where we reflected on hate and loss throughout our past and present. The girls shared personal thoughts and experiences, helping all of us to connect with the concept of losing something important to us, like we are intended to feel on Tisha Ba’av. The evening ended with an outdoor kumsitz, where we’re sure our voices and prayers went straight up towards shamayim. The next morning we had explanatory kinnos led by our phenomenal advisors and ended off the day with mincha at the kotel and a delicious dairy break-fast.

Upon returning to Mevaseret, we called the girls together to inform them about a horrific lice breakout… Just kidding! It was really… color war breakout!! The 4 teams, Yerushalayim, Tzfat, Tiveria and Chevron, all put up a good fight. From awesome divrei Torah, trivia, songs, banners and games, Monday was filled with craziness and fun! A huge mazel tov to team TIVERIA on their tremendous victory and a huge yasher koach to our captains, Miriam Alyeshmerni and Yael Evgi, for their leadership!

Monday night ended with a bang as we headed to celebrate our favorite holiday on the NCSY calendar… YOM NCSY! It was a night of dancing, singing, achdus and insane GIVE pride! A major highlight of the evening was hearing from Mrs. Rachelli Fraenkel, whose son, Naftali Fraenkel a”h, was kidnapped and murdered just one year ago. Her words inspired us and gave us incredible strength as we all navigate whatever challenges life puts before us. (If you did not have a chance to tune in to Yom NCSY, you can log into the original link and watch a recording of the evening).

From Tuesday- Thursday our GIVErs split into three subgroups for electives. Each elective was a smashing success, BH! The hiking elective basically hiked their way across Israel, sleeping in a tent, cooking their own dinner and having a wild and crazy time throughout! Our chessed elective split into two groups, with half of the girls working and living in an orphanage and the other half working with children from troubled homes and adults with severe disabilities. Our learning elective was also a huge hit, visiting 4 fantastic seminaries and having a chance to seriously delve into Torat Eretz Yisrael! We regrouped on Thursday afternoon for lunch and a short elective-debrief, which took place over chilled chocolate milk. We wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂

We’re definitely missing our GIVErs today, after saying goodbye yesterday afternoon, but we can’t wait to hear all of the awesome stories and adventures that they’ll have this weekend!

Looking forward to reuniting on Sunday for our last week together on GIVE 2015. (Crazy, I know.)

Wishing you and your family a beautiful “GIVEaldik” shabbos, wherever you may be.

Erin and the NCSY GIVE family

Erin Stiebel

NCSY GIVE, Director

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