Girls Israel Volunteer Experience
NCSY GIVE: Good Shabbos from Sovyonai HaGalil!

Dear NCSY GIVE Parents,

It’s hard to believe that our first shabbos on GIVE is already here!

It feels like we’ve known each other forever, already feeling like real members of the NCSY GIVE family. From the moment we stepped foot on the group flight, the excitement was palpable! Our journey has begun up in Northern Israel, which has been a spectacular way to begin our summer together.

From the airport we traveled to Tiveria for a delicious – and fancy!- dinner and then made our way to Sovyonai HaGalil, which is serving as our current home base. After a brief orientation, everyone headed to sleep to catch up on some much needed rest. Thursday morning we woke up and  headed out for an awesome water hike where the water was up to our waists! Luckily the sun dried us off in time to get back on the bus and head to the ancient Talmudic city of Katzrin where we learned about ancient synagogues, Talmudic scholars, watched a real live scribe in action and made our own pita! It was awesome. We then headed to the grocery store for some snacks and necessities, and then headed back home for dinner, our first chaburah (learning session with our advisors) and an awesome night activity of Bedazzle Your Fanny (pack). Let’s just say our fanny packs are looking mighty fine- covered in gems and colors. Who knew we had so many artists and creative ladies on GIVE this summer?! We ended the night with an optional Mishmar (learning and yummy snacks) led by our GIVE Rabbi, Rabbi Baruch Felberman, who is joining us with his wife for shabbos. This is his fourth year as our GIVE Rabbi and we feel super lucky to be able to learn with and from him for the summer.

Today was a blast as well. We enjoyed a special learning session on prayer, specifically, Modeh Ani, and then hopped on the bus to the Arbel, which is a beautiful hike with a stunning view. From there we went to the grave of the Rambam and learned about his vast accomplishments through hysterical games and a fascinating film. We’re now back at the hotel getting ready for what is sure to be a powerful shabbos together, filled with singing, dancing and insanely fun ruach.

As we end what has been a challenging week for the Jewish people in Israel, we look ahead and are hopeful for a week of peace, serenity and a return to normalcy for our brothers and sisters across the nation. May all of our prayers be heard and answered for the good.

Wishing you and your family a beautiful and safe shabbos, wherever you may be.

Erin and the NCSY GIVE Family

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