Girls Israel Volunteer Experience
NCSY GIVE wishes you a Good Shabbos from Tzfat!

Dear NCSY GIVE Parents,


We’re here! And we’re loving it!


NCSY GIVE 2016 is off to a wonderful start. The girls woke up this morning recharged and reenergized and ready for an awesome day ahead. We began our morning with an introduction to chaburahs, our daily learning sessions given by our fantastic advisors, and the girls learned which colors and “families” they are a part of for the summer. We then headed out to support the Israeli economy, aka shopped til we dropped, grabbed some lunch, and made our way to kayaking for a water-filled, refreshing afternoon.


We’re on our way back to the hotel now to get ready for what is sure to be a spiritual and meaningful shabbos, filled with bonding and fun.  We can’t wait to tell you all about it next week!


Wishing you and yours a beautiful shabbos!


Erin and the NCSY GIVE family

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