Girls Israel Volunteer Experience
NCSY GIVE wishes you a Good Shabbos from Yerucham!

Dear NCSY GIVE Parents,

Another week has flown by!

After regrouping from the free weekend, our GIVErs gathered to jump back in to our Chessed experience. We visited Habayit Shel Susan, which employs and trains teenagers who need a second chance at life, teaching them how to make jewelry and beautiful glass work. We then had the opportunity to run a dessert making program for adults with developmental disabilities. We returned to campus, had an awesome evening and packed our bags to head off for elective week.

The girls spent the three days of elective week investing in the area of their choice: Chessed, learning or hiking. Each elective was intensive in its own right, allowing for smaller group bonding and more friendships to be made. We were thrilled to regroup Wednesday night as guests an official baseball game in Israel’s newest baseball league. Everyone shared of their experiences and raved about what they had done and learned. (Check out our NCSY GIVE page to read personal accounts!)

Thursday was filled with Chessed again as we visited a factory that employs the blind and deaf, packaged food and visited Dialogue in the Dark, a museum that simulates being a blind person in the world. It was very powerful.

Upon return to campus, we announced the engagement of one of our star advisors! Just kidding- it was color war breakout!! We had an INTENSE color war of 4 teams- the 4 holy cities: Tzfat, Tiveria, Yerushalayim and Chevron. Everyone played hard and enjoyed the wackiness! It was amazing seeing the GIVErs presentations, hearing their songs and watching them create together. So unbelievable! Mazel Tov to team Yerushalayim on their big win!

We are now in Yerucham, where we are looking forward to another amazing Shabbos on GIVE!

Wishing you and yours a beautiful Shabbos!

Erin and the NCSY GIVE family

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