Girls Israel Volunteer Experience
We’re not gonna take it! NCSY GIVE 2015 can’t seriously be over!
Hello NCSY GIVErs!!
I can’t believe we’re home already… but I’m happy that everyone has (hopefully!) arrived safely. For those of you still in Israel- you’re SO lucky!! Soak up some more kedusha for us, ok?? And don’t forget your hats, water and sunscreen wherever you go.
Did anyone else sleep in their GIVE-Gear last night? Maybe the whole outfit? Yom NCSY shirt, hiking shirt, sweatshirt, fanny packs, water bottle backpacks, sweatpants and bandanas?? It’s ok if you do- we support you… and ask that you post pictures on the GIVE facbeook page so everyone can properly acknowledge your awesomeness.

Anyhoo, I just wanted to thank you all for such an awesome, unbelievable, growth-oriented, amazing, holy, special, hilarious, super summer. Each and every one of you contributed to the group and helped make the NCSY GIVE 2015 family into the beautiful, fun, one-of-a-kind family that we are. You’re an integral piece in the NCSY GIVE puzzle and just as our puzzle would never have been complete without you, it can never be complete unless you remain an integral part of our NCSY GIVE family. (No pressure or anything…)

We recognize that it’s always challenging to make the transition from a religious and emotional high back into your normal, mundane lives, but remember that whatever challenges you face, we are here to help you get through them. Never give up on yourselves or on your goals and remember that you can do anything you set your mind to. And if you need a reminder, just call any one of your fellow GIVErs or advisors, and we will be right there for you. No really, stalk us. We like it.

We are honestly SO proud of each of you for all of your personal growth this summer and for not being afraid to try new things. Believe me when I say that we are wholly invested in your future and will do whatever we can to guide, support and help you accomplish all of your greatest dreams.

You really left your mark on Israel by touching so many lives- including mine, Davids and Alexanders.

Enjoy being back with your families, but know that your GIVE family is missing you very very much.

Can’t wait to hear from you soon!


(on behalf of Miriam, Zisse, Alexa, Deena, Beth, Tess, Shira, Rachel, Rivka, Chanina, Daphna, Tamar, Esti, Rebecca, Ariella and of course, David, Alexander and fetus)

PS: I’ve attached a few favorite songs to keep the GIVE spirit alive. Please have your song book ready to sing along. 

PPS: I’m also attaching a link to the Yearbook and contact info. That means no excuse to not be in touch! NCSY GIVE 2015 Journal

PPPS: In terms of Hakaras Hatov, it would mean a lot to David Cutler if you sent him a quick email just saying thank you for the summer. He works SO hard making sure that everything goes smoothly and hearing from you guys would make all of his work worthwhile. Not a requirement, just a suggestion. His email is .

PPPPS: A special thank you to Deena for all of her hard work on the Banquet Video! It was fabulous! Here’s the link so you can watch it on repeat – thanks to Beth and Tamar for all of their hard work on the sweatshirt!


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