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About The Trip

Kayaking Adventures and a Special Surprise!

give July 21, 2013

Today we had a day of fun up north. Our first stop was rafting, where we all started out dry but ended up completely soaked. Our adventures of splashing, swimming, and enjoying good times with friends was definitely memorable!

After a delicious pizza lunch (with all sorts of fun toppings!), we made our way to the Naot Factory to buy our favorite Israeli sandals.

Our last stop was a very sweet treat! We went to the De Karina Chocolatier, where we learned how this delicious hand made chocolate is made. The best part was when we had the opportunity to create our own chocolaty creations!

Tomorrow we will begin our week of electives, where each GIVEr has the chance to spend a few hours for the next 3 days at the same chesed organization. This allows each GIVEr to build a relationship with the people and their particular chesed.

We had an incredible weekend and we’re looking forward to begin our week of electives!