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About The Trip

Chessed, Archeology, and Film School

give July 31, 2014

The last day before our free weekend was jam packed! We started our day by splitting the buses that went to two different chesseds. One bus went to a nursing home to get to know, sing, and dance with the residents of the home. They sang pre-shabbos songs to help them bring a smile to their faces while prepping them for Shabbos Kodesh. The second bus went to a very special place called Susanart. This is a place that takes children off the street and teaches them how to craft. They tell them if they continue making the crafts they can make some money. This is an organization that helps the young teens of Israel, which the girls related to a lot. Afterwards we went to The Temple Mount Archeological Dig. The girls had an opportunity to learn about the Jewish history of Temple Mount, and even search for coins, pots, mosaics, and more. Then we had a delicious lunch and made our way to Maalah, which is a film school for religious and secular students of Israel. the GIVE girls had the privilege of watching two short films, one being an award winning film. They had a discussion about the plot lines with the editor of these films and learned a little about the industry in Israel. Then after our wonderful and exciting day we sadly said goodbye for the weekend. The girls were dropped off by the OU center, and were picked up by their hosts. We hope everyone has a wonderful Shabbos and can’t wait to catch up after the weekend! Shabbat Shalom!