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About The Trip

Day 15: Chevron, Oz Gaon, & Kever Rachel

give July 22, 2015

Today was a very special day on GIVE. We all went together to the holy city of Chevron. We started off with a walking tour with the famous Simcha Hochbaum. When on the tour, we really felt as if we were walking in the footsteps of our forefathers. We ended off the tour at Ma’arat Hamachpelah. It was beautiful. We went inside and visited all of our Avot and Emahot’s kevarim. As we all approached them we opened up our siddurim to say tehilim. Chevron is such a special place to be. You feel as if you are living in Torah. After, we made our way to a park called “Oz Gaon”. It was a parked made in the memory of our three boys — Gilad, Eyal, and Naftali. There slogan is “Somchin Metoch Ha’ka’av” “From pain we flourish”. In times of darkness and pain, we as Jews never lose ourselves. We do just the opposite. We get up, build, and grow. This is what one of the founders of the park taught us. We ate lunch in the park and then had the opportunity to do volunteer work there. We all got a hoe and gloves and went down into the park. We helped to remove all the rocks and weeds from the ground. In addition, we had to create a stone path down the park. Although it was hard and very hot, we had a blast! It was fun, challenging, and SO meaningful! We were building up Eretz Yisroel! Later that day we went to a place called, Tzomet Institute. They create gadgets and different objects that can be used on Shabbos! It was so cool!

Next, we headed towards Kever Rachel. It was such an inspiring way to end off our day! At Kever Rachel we davened Mincha. All the girls were pouring their hearts out and really connected. For some it was their first time there, and for others it was their 10th! Either way it was 100% meaningful to all!

To fully conclude our day, two staff members from NCSY came to run a public speaking program. Girls had to get up and speak about something that is important to them. They were all video taped, so the pressure was on! It was a challenge, but the girls rocked it! They all got up there and spoke with passion and confidence!

Thank you GIVE for another fabulous day! See you tomorrow!