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About The Trip

Day 20: COLOR WAR!!!!!!

give July 28, 2015

Written by GIVEr: Miriam Radinsky


Hey guys this is Miriam Radinsky!  Yesterday we had color war and the teams were stripes – Tiveria, polka dots – Tzfat, neon – Chevron, and blue and white – Yerushalaim. I was captain of the polka dot team which was so much fun for me, especially since I had never been a color war captain before. On Sunday night Erin and Miriam broke out color war with a lice scare and I honestly believed it because we were in Israel and that’s kind of common here anyway. In the morning we started the day with elimination and Chidon with Rabbi Safren. It was very competitive but still fun at the same time. Then we had lunch and each team gave a meaningful D’var Torah. After that we played Givia (GIVE trivia) that had really funny and interesting questions and in order to answer them you had to crack and egg in your head. It was fun to watch and even more fun to play. Then we had an Apache race consisting of funny parts such as throwing chocolate chips on to someone’s face after they smeared it in peanut butter and soaking yourself in chocolate milk. I personally had an AWESOME color war, even though I didn’t win. Congratulations to stripes who got first place and neon who got second. You guys were awesome!!!! Thank you to all advisors for this awesome day and also to Tess for coordinating it.

Also, for me it was awesome how right after we were competing against each other in color war it was Yom NCSY. We became even more unified as a program and were reminded that in the end we are all part of NCSY GIVE and all of Am Yisroel as a whole.