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About The Trip

Day 20: Elective Week- Hiking II

give August 2, 2016
Today on the 2nd day of the hiking elective we got up early and started our day off with a smashing breakfast (shout out to Israelis for the invention of chocolate spread!) We boarded the busses and headed to our first hike of the day in the stunning Golan heights. With waters filled and hats on our heads we began our trek up a mountain. Sometime later we were privileged to see the magnificent sight of a natural spring waterfall. A couple hours later we went to a lookout over seeing the entire Golan. We have a beautiful homeland! Next we cooled off in a nearby Maayan, being sure to make a splash. Afterwards we came back , rolled up our sleeves, and headed to work to make our own dinner. While dinner was cooking we were able to partake in some team building exercises provided by our campus Hosts. Team coach Leah even said “this is the best group I’ve ever had!”
Teamwork makes the dream work.
Can’t wait for what’s in store !
Yay elective week !