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About The Trip

Day 22: Eye Opening Experiences

give August 4, 2016

Hi! My name is Neshama Herman and I am from the 5 Towns! Today we started off our day bright and early with 6:30 wake up! Just like any other day it began with davening, chaburah, and breakfast. Then we headed to the blind factory, which is an amazing place that employs blind, deaf or mute individuals to work. Once there, we helped them out by either packaging pony tails, packing boxes, etc. Some people even closed their eyes while working so they could get a taste of what the employees may feel like. After that, we enjoyed our sandwiches, salads, and apples while sitting outside in the beautiful weather! Once lunch ended, we headed to the shuk in Tel Aviv! They had all kinds of stores. They had fruit stores, jewelry stores, and clothing stores! After the shuk we headed to the blind museum! The blind museum was a life changing experience! There we learned to appreciate our eye sight like we’ve never done before! We traveled through pitch black rooms with a blind tour guide leading us. We learnt to use our imagination and every sense besides our eye sight to get around! We were welcomed with delicious dinner at Mevaseret. And we greeted our advisor “Kallah”! And then……..color war breakout! The teams are Yerushalayim = white and blue, Chevron = neon, Tzfat = polka dots, and Tiberia = stripes! Can’t wait to see what’s in store!