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About The Trip

Day 3 and 4: Shabbat #1 in Tzfat

give July 16, 2016

Hi I’m Shayna Kaskel from Boca Raton, Florida! I’m going to give you all a quick update on what we did this shabbos. So Friday night we davened at a lookout overlooking the mountains of Tzfat. The singing was very nice and inspiring. Then we had the Friday night meal and we sang some fun songs and ate some new foods. Tova Rosen gave a wonderful dvar Torah during the meal. After that we had a tisch and heard a cool story from Rabbi Felberman. Shabbos morning some girls went to the Ari Shul and some girls davened in the hotel together. After Kiddush we went with our families and had a learning session about the beauty of shabbos. Then we had lunch and played an ice breaker called “speed dating.” After that we had some time to rest. Then we had time to learn freely with our friends and advisors. Afterwards, we had a cool walking tour of tzfat. Though it was quite hot, we enjoyed every minute of it! After we came back and cooled down we shalosh seudos and ebbing. It was very beautiful and meaningful, especially because we heard one of our advisor’s speak really wonderfully! Then we sang our way to havdalah by the lookout again. 

After shabbos we loaded the busses to go on a party boat in Tiveria and it was the bomb (aka fun)! We then ate pizza and had fun with our advisors. It’s been a long and adventurous first weekend on GIVE can’t wait for the week ahead!!