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About The Trip

Day 30, 31, 32: Shabbat in Jerusalem & Tishaa Ba’av

give August 14, 2016

Hi This is Chana Gertzulin from Monsey, New York and Jennie Mellman from Silver Spring, Maryland. Friday morning we started off by leaving our home, Mevaseret 🙁 We then headed to Kever Rachel it was a very meaningful experience to daven at this holy burial site. Then we had a yummy falafel lunch and proceeded to the shuk to get some cinnamon raisen beagles and food for our families. Next, we went to the hotel to get ready for an inspiring Shabbat in Jerusalem. We started Shabbat, at the kotel Friday night. It was a very moving experience seeing all different types of Jews gathered together as one. We had dinner overlooking the kotel on the netiv aryeh roof. We even got a special visit from the BILT boys! After dinner, we had a long walk home back to the hotel and went to bed. On shabbos we had chaburas followed by a delicious lunch. Later, we had a talk given by Rabbi Felberman about Tisha Ba’av. Afterwards, our advisors put together a fun game involving everyone’s participation. The game made everyone feel a closer connection towards each other. Soon after, we had a very filling seuda shlishit before the fast. We had a mini kumzitz ebbing shabbos, then read Eicha. Out of respect for all of us we decided not to write everything we did over Tisha Baav. However, it was extremely moving and inspirational in many ways. The day came to a climax when we went to the kotel for mincha. Following mincha we broke our fast at Piccolino and had a blast singing and dancing! When we got back to our hotel we continued our dance party and had fun with our friends. Can’t wait for tomorrow!!