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About The Trip

Day 33: Forefathers & The Israeli Economy

give August 16, 2016

Shalom! My name is Dassi Dear, and I’m from Philadelphia! Today in the holy land of Israel we had the pleasure to daven at the burial spots of our forefathers. We heard a brief explanation of exactly where we were davening by the famous Rabbi Nissel which made our prayers more meaningful. Afterwards, we headed to get some delicious lunch and supported the Israeli economy by shopping in Meah Shearim and Ben Yehuda (the 3 shekel slushie was amazing!) We then headed back to our hotels and had an incredible supper. After we filled pots with soil to finish our joint project with NCSY’s performing arts camp Maor! It’s really great that both programs worked on this act of chessed together! Afterwards one of the flower pots was used for an eye opening activity. We all had the opportunity to hold the flower pot and reflect on our journey on GIVE. It was inspiring to hear what the other girls said. Some girls described their troubles and triumphs on this trip, while others shared motivational insights. Just as we were all getting quite emotional, our staff surprised us with a super amazing midnight trip to the kotel!! We sat in a circle and had a Kumzitz, and then we had time to write letters to ourselves and reflect and daven. It was such a fantastic day! I’m really gonna miss these type of nights with my sisters 🙂