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About The Trip
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Q:Is there a learning component to GIVE?


Of course! GIVErs are divided into small chaburahs (learning groups) led by their advisors where they learn from a curriculum designed just for them. These daily learning sessions allow you to explore those topics that you are thirsting to learn more about. We also have inspiring guest speakers that come to visit over the course of the summer and while traveling, there is a “Bus Library” filled with various Jewish books for you to learn and explore – either alone, with a friend or with your advisor.

Q:What type of chesed is done on GIVE?


On GIVE, you do all sorts of community service – from working in soup kitchens and food pantries to medical clowning in hospitals. You work with people who have disabilities and paint schools in underprivileged communities. The real question is what don’t girls do on GIVE?

Q:Does GIVE spend time touring Israel?


Although GIVE is not officially a touring program, you still visit many of the popular cities and sites across Israel. Unlike your previous visits to Israel, this time around you see the land through the eyes of the people who live there. GIVE allows you to connect to Israel through the stories and needs of your brothers and sisters who live in the country.

Q:Will I be able to grow spiritually on GIVE?


Yes! One of the unique things about chesed is that by giving back to others, you learn about yourself. On GIVE, you quickly realize that by using all of your talents and gifts, you have the power to make a difference in the lives of others. What better way to connect to your Judaism than by learning how valuable you are as a member of the Jewish people!

Q:Are there scholarships for GIVE?


Financial aid is available from the National NCSY office. Scholarships are need-based and given out on a first-come, first-serve basis. To be considered for financial assistance, you must fill out the online application and submit your most recent tax return.

You can also apply for secondary scholarships by contacting your local synagogue, Jewish Federation and NCSY chapter. To see a complete listing of Federations, click here

Q:Is there a dress code?


Yes. GIVErs are expected to dress respectfully and in accordance with Jewish halacha. That specifically includes wearing skirts that cover the knees, modest necklines and sleeves that hit midway down the top half of your arm. If you normally wear ¾ sleeves, please continue to do so on GIVE! We have a very diverse audience and want to comfortably meet the needs of everyone in our GIVE family.

Q:Is it a problem if I don’t know anyone else going on GIVE?


No way! Before the summer starts, NCSY GIVE launches a WhatsApp group to help you get to know your fellow GIVErs. Your counselors will also call you to introduce themselves. Many girls come not knowing anyone, but everyone leaves the program feeling like they are a member of the GIVE family (and a big, happy family it is!).