BLOG -Summer 2016

Day 34: Here Comes Goodbye

Our last morning on GIVE 2016 started off like any other. We davened and ate breakfast, and then we had our final chaburah with our moms. We packed out of our hotel and went to an awesome old age home and had so much fun

Day 33: Forefathers & The Israeli Economy

Shalom! My name is Dassi Dear, and I’m from Philadelphia! Today in the holy land of Israel we had the pleasure to daven at the burial spots of our forefathers. We heard a brief explanation of exactly where we were davening by the famous Rabbi

Day 30, 31, 32: Shabbat in Jerusalem & Tishaa Ba’av

Hi This is Chana Gertzulin from Monsey, New York and Jennie Mellman from Silver Spring, Maryland. Friday morning we started off by leaving our home, Mevaseret 🙁 We then headed to Kever Rachel it was a very meaningful experience to daven at this holy burial site. Then we

Day 29: Hashomer Hachadash III

Today was our 3rd and final day working with Hashomer Hachadash! After davening in the morning we had circle time with our guide from the program. Different groups played different introspective and team building focused games. Then we packed up and went to help build

Day 28: Hashomer Hachadash II

Hi my name is Meira Axelrod! Today was our second awesome day at Hashomer Hachadash! We woke up early in the morning, at 7:00. After davening we split up into our groups from the day and had circle time. We ate cookies and drank tea as

Day 27: Hashomer Hachadash I

Hi my name is Cyporah Hershman from Monsey, NY! We started off the day in Mevaseret, where we woke up, davened, ate, and learned with chaburah leaders. After that we went to the busses and headed to our destination with Hashomer Hachadash. Before we began

Day 26: Carnivals & Basketball Games

Today on GIVE we started off the day making an awesome carnival for kids from Sderot. Each girl participated in running a booth. The activities ranged from balloon shaving to sponge tossing to the classic Coke and Pepsi game. The children loved it! After that

Day 25: Salad & Lessons From Sderot

Hi! My name is Atara Neugroschl and I’m from Bergenfield, NJ. This morning, we left Yeruchum and went to the Salad Trial. There, we were given a tour of the greenhouses and learned how people grow produce in the hot, dry desert. We were given

Shabbat in Yerucham!

Hi I’m Racheli Wilamowsky and I am from the 5 towns! This Friday we had color war and it was a lot of fun and Jerusalem won!! Then we went to yerucham down south for shabbos. We had chaburot, we had a beautiful kabalat shabbat overlooking the