BLOG -Summer 2016

Day 22: Eye Opening Experiences

Hi! My name is Neshama Herman and I am from the 5 Towns! Today we started off our day bright and early with 6:30 wake up! Just like any other day it began with davening, chaburah, and breakfast. Then we headed to the blind factory, which is

Day 21: Elective Week- Hiking III

Hi my name is Julie Perl from Chicago! Today was our last day of our three day hiking elective. We woke up bright and early in order to start our fun filled day. We had the opportunity to go donkey riding as the last part

Day 20: Elective Week- Hiking II

Today on the 2nd day of the hiking elective we got up early and started our day off with a smashing breakfast (shout out to Israelis for the invention of chocolate spread!) We boarded the busses and headed to our first hike of the day

Day 19: Elective Week- Chessed

Hi my name is Ahuva Kreuser I’m from Brooklyn New York, yesterday was the first elective day we woke up in mevaseret, ate a delicious breakfast, and headed on an exciting 3 hour journey to tzfat. Once we got there the roads were closed where the

Day 19: Elective Week- Hiking

Hi my name is Talia Domsky! Today was the first day of our 3 day electives! The options were either hiking, chesed, or learning. I chose hiking and so far it’s been awesome! This morning we drove up north, and to start the day off

Day 18: Susan’s House & Assorted Chesseds

Today was really a chessed filled day on GIVE! We started the morning off very excited to see each other after a restful and fun off weekend. We were divided into a number of different groups throughout the day. Everyone went to a place called

Day 15: Masada, Dead Sea, & Ein Gedi

We had an amazingly fun day today on GIVE! First we woke up early and went to Masada. There we learnt about the different stories and historical events that took place there. Even though we took cable cars both ways up and down, we still

Day 14: Goodbye Alumim Hello Paint Wars

On our last day at Kibbutz Alumim we had a tour of an older memorial kibbutz nearby, and we heard from a resident of the kibbutz about the lifestyle on the kibbutz. The woman shared with us some of her experiences living in a settlement

Day 13: Picking, Planting, & Painting

Hi I’m Ruchama Borg!!! Today was our first day on the kibbutz alumim, and it was a day packed to the brim with activities. Our morning was pretty normal, with davening and breakfast like usual, but then we had something a little different. The night

Day 12: Kibbutz Alumim & Soldiers

Today we got up early and traveled to Kibbutz Alumim in the south. First we had a delicious lunch on the kibbutz and then we split up and settled into our rooms. Then we got a tour of the kibbutz, watched a video about it,