BLOG -Summer 2019

One Family One Walk

Hey! Im sarah rabin from silver spring Maryland! This morning I woke up in beautiful efrat where I was staying for my off weekend. I said goodbye to my hosts and reunited with all my amazing GIVE friends!! With no time to waste, we drove

Wishing everyone a Shabbat shallom!

On Thursday we started off our day by running a carnival for children with special needs. It was a blast! The kids were adorable and super sweet. There were a whole bunch of different booths. There was a nail polish station, water ballon station, cookie

It’s all going down south (including GIVE)

Hi! My name Shana Furman! I’m from West Hempstead, New York! After an amazing night in the Bedouin tents (with very little sleep), we woke up at the very early, 4 am to be exact, and hiked up Masada. There we saw a magnificent and

Becoming A Bedouin

Hi, my name is Eliora Pachter and I live in Teaneck, New Jersey. Today on GIVE we had the opportunity to experience both activities that were so meaningful and activities that were also so fun and exciting. We started off our day by heading to

A Day To Remember

Hi my name is Ayala Terebelo.This morning GIVE took us to an old age home. It was a really great experience. Some of the people at the old age home didn’t speak English or Hebrew, they only spoke Russian. It was really hard to communicate with

What A Meaningful Fast

Hi my name is Hannah Levy and I live in Silver Spring, Maryland. Today GIVE had an incredibly meaningful shiva asar b’tamuz. First, we went to the deaf museum and learned about the everyday experiences of people who can’t use voices to communicate. Next, we

Give Takes The North

Hi my name is Michal Abraham and I live in Queens, New York. Today, we woke up at the crack of dawn and drove 3 hours to the holy city of Tzfat. Our first stop was the Ethiopian absorption center which was amazing. Us GIVErs


Hi all, my name is Raizel Littwin and I live in Teaneck NJ. Today we had an incredible day!! The first thing we did in the morning was we went to פינה חמה where we first prepared and then served soldiers hamburgers. It was so

Day 6 – The Crazy Carnival

Hi! Im Finnie Elkouby I am from Cedarhurst NY. Today we made an amazing carnival for many underprivileged children. We had all different fun booths including water balloons, cookie decorating, coke or Pepsi, pickle on a stick, and much much more! The smiles we put

Day 5 – What an eventful day!

Hi, my name is Daniella Samuels and I’m from Great Neck New York. Today Give’s bus left early in the morning to שמר החדש, where we cut down unnecessary plants in order to prevent forest fires and give the fruit trees a chance to grow.