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About The Trip

Summer 2019

One Family One Walk

Hey! Im sarah rabin from silver spring Maryland! This morning I woke up in beautiful efrat where I was staying for my off weekend. I said goodbye to my hosts and reunited with all my amazing GIVE friends!! With no time to waste, we drove to this school for kids with behavioral issues and set up a day camp. Some people worked at stations, some people were counselors, and some people just helped out where ever they could. We ended with a dance circle showcasing all of the boys parkour talents. We then drove to shalva and had pizza for lunch. We had a tour of the entire building! We then came back to meohr for a quick second to get ready for the one family marathon. We got matching shirts and headed off. There were many fun reunions from different busses! I saw a lot of my school friends:) after the walk we had a beautiful ceremony then drove home. There were a few people who went out for dinner and got some salads, pasta, fries, and ice cream! What an amazing way to end the day !!

Wishing everyone a Shabbat shallom!

On Thursday we started off our day by running a carnival for children with special needs. It was a blast! The kids were adorable and super sweet. There were a whole bunch of different booths. There was a nail polish station, water ballon station, cookie decorating station and much more. The booth that I ran was throwing sponges at our faces. Let me tell you, some of those kids had great aim. We then ate delicious falafel for lunch. After we had lunch we went to the shuk. But before we went Shosh made sure to teach us how to bargain. At the shuk we were able to try a whole bunch of different Israeli foods and buy gifts and souvenirs. Once we finished getting all our goodies, we then had to say goodbye for the weekend. I hope everyone has a great Shabbat with their family and friends!
Chaya Warren

It’s all going down south (including GIVE)

Hi! My name Shana Furman! I’m from West Hempstead, New York! After an amazing night in the Bedouin tents (with very little sleep), we woke up at the very early, 4 am to be exact, and hiked up Masada. There we saw a magnificent and inspiring sunrise and davened shacharit. Then we went back to the Bedouin tents for breakfast and camel riding! It was such an amazing experience riding the camel through the desert. Then we got on the bus and drove to the Dead Sea! Even though the salt burned a little bit, we all had an amazing time putting on mud masks and floating down the Yam Hamelach. Then we took a short drive to Ein Gedi where we splashed around in the water falls and had an amazing time cooling off and relaxing. Then we came back to the base for a great dinner and a chill night. Can’t wait for the rest of the summer!

Becoming A Bedouin

Hi, my name is Eliora Pachter and I live in Teaneck, New Jersey. Today on GIVE we had the opportunity to experience both activities that were so meaningful and activities that were also so fun and exciting. We started off our day by heading to an amazing organization called One Family. They help people who were victims of terror attacks and shows them that no matter what, they are not alone. There we watched many videos about what One Family is all about, and helped them prepare for a marathon that they will be running (which we will also be participating in this coming Sunday!) After One Family, we headed to Har Hertzel where we visited many soldiers’ graves that sacrificed their lives to protect us and save our land. After this incredibly meaningful experience we headed to the middle of the desert to sleep in Bedouin tents and we had the time of our lives. When we first arrived, we entered into a large tent, where we were served a huge platter of food. It was no surprise that after ten minutes the entire plate was completely devoured! After our delicious dinner we drank tea with real Bedouins and learnt all about their culture. Finally, we finished off the night by having a bonfire filled with music. This action packed day is something that I will never forget and I’m so excited to keep having the best summer ever on GIVE!

A Day To Remember

Hi my name is Ayala Terebelo.
This morning GIVE took us to an old age home. It was a really great experience. Some of the people at the old age home didn’t speak English or Hebrew, they only spoke Russian. It was really hard to communicate with them, but we learned that a smile and a laugh is a universal language. Then we went to Yad Vashem where we learned about all the victims of the holocaust. We also learned about many of the righteous gentiles who risked their lives to save jews. At the end of the tour, we walked through doors that led to an incredible view of Jerusalem. This view signified that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. It symbolized that even though Jews have gone through so many tragedies, Israel is always a place that they can turn to.
At night, we had a fun activity where we were divided into teams and played mystery envelope. It truly was one of the most inspiring days yet!
Can’t wait for the rest of the summer!!
love, ayala

What A Meaningful Fast

Hi my name is Hannah Levy and I live in Silver Spring, Maryland. Today GIVE had an incredibly meaningful shiva asar b’tamuz. First, we went to the deaf museum and learned about the everyday experiences of people who can’t use voices to communicate. Next, we had a speaker from Yachad come and talk to us about her life and her experience with Down’s syndrome, as well as sharing some important life lessons. I felt like it was really an uplifting start to three weeks. Finally, we had group sensitivity training that opened our eyes to certain things that we may not have been aware of. I’m looking forward to a meaningful three weeks filled with chessed and the rest of an amazing summer.

Give Takes The North

Hi my name is Michal Abraham and I live in Queens, New York. Today, we woke up at the crack of dawn and drove 3 hours to the holy city of Tzfat. Our first stop was the Ethiopian absorption center which was amazing. Us GIVErs had an amazing time there doing chesed and having fun with the kids. We bonded with the cute kids, danced with them, made pitah and made so many memories. Then, we went to the water hike. It was a beautiful and relaxing experience. We swam around and had an amazing time. After the water hike we went to another water activity called Aqua Kef. This water activity was super fun. We chilled in the water and climbed up the cool obstacles which were super hard. Finally, we had an amazing sunset boat ride in the kineret where we danced and had a blast.
Can’t wait to make more memories like these!!!


Hi all, my name is Raizel Littwin and I live in Teaneck NJ. Today we had an incredible day!! The first thing we did in the morning was we went to פינה חמה where we first prepared and then served soldiers hamburgers. It was so fun to interact with the soldiers and thank them for their service by serving them lunch. Next we went to קבר רחל on the way we learnt all about why רחל is buried there and not with the rest of the avot and imahot which prepared us for an inspirational מנחה there and (some very good cookies). After that we went back to the base and got prepared for the most incredible night. Yom NCSY. It was amazing and the energy was contagious. I Can’t wait to take all the energy that we had all the way to the north when we go to צפת for the weekend (all are welcome to join, that means you mommy and daddy)!

Day 6 – The Crazy Carnival

Hi! Im Finnie Elkouby I am from Cedarhurst NY. Today we made an amazing carnival for many underprivileged children. We had all different fun booths including water balloons, cookie decorating, coke or Pepsi, pickle on a stick, and much much more! The smiles we put on there faces were incredible to see. Then after that we drove to cook our own delicious lunch. We made pasta, pizza, falafel, pita breads, and salads. Then we got to go visit United hatzala and had a presentation by our very own Ayelet Rosenwasser’s brother in-law! We learnt so much and got to really see the amazing things that hatzala does for everyone. Then we made a quick pit stop at a mall which was a blast! Finally after that we went to go visit GIVE 1 for GIVE UNITY night. After much singing and dancing we made 4 beautiful murals which are being donated to 4 different chesseds around Israel. Today was an outstanding jam packed day, and I cannot wait for more!

Day 5 – What an eventful day!

Hi, my name is Daniella Samuels and I’m from Great Neck New York. Today Give’s bus left early in the morning to שמר החדש, where we cut down unnecessary plants in order to prevent forest fires and give the fruit trees a chance to grow. Afterward we drove to seeach sod a special needs school. Us GIVErs did art projects and had a super fun dance party with the students of seeach sod. Next we traveled to OTD, where we did team building exercises. We had the chance to climb a rope ladder, rock climb, walk across a tightrope and ride a zip line. After a great adventure at OTD we headed back to our base in  ירושלים. Once we got back to GIVE’s base we decorated posters for tomorrow’s carnival. It’s only day 5 and I have already seen and experienced so much! I’ve been having an a amazing time on GIVE and I can’t wait for day 6!