Tali Weg

  “GIVE changed my life. I now feel more connected to Hashem than ever before, and I can’t wait to go out and make a difference in the world.”  

Adina Cohen

“NCSY GIVE not only gave me 84 new sisters, more appreciation for Israel, and a stronger connection with Hashem, but it taught me what it truly means to give. Doing chesed in our home land, Israel, created a drive within me to keep giving and […]

Sonny Kugelman

“After spending two summers in a row on NCSY GIVE, I can honestly say that this program changed my life. I really got to grow as a person and as a Jew, while giving back to the holy land of Israel and having a blast […]

Tehila Adler

“I spent the past two summers on NCSY GIVE and it completely changed my life. It not only taught me the importance of doing chesed, but it enabled me to realize how much I truly love doing it!”