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About The Trip

About the trip

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Top Reasons to go on GIVE

Develop an Appreciation of Chesed

Chesed is not always easy, it can be hard work. By devoting your summer to giving back to others, you learn that true chesed often means overcoming obstacles and facing down challenges. But the greater the challenge, the greater the reward.

See the Land of Israel through New Eyes

Traveling through the Holy Land completely immersed in chesed is a true one-of-a-kind experience. On NCSY GIVE, girls visit the city of Tzfat, hike Masada, go banana boating on the Kinneret, make their own chocolate at the De Karina Chocolate factory and more!

Inspiring Summer

Seeing the lives of others who are less fortunate makes teens appreciate and be thankful for what they already have. Girls on NCSY GIVE return as passionate, confident young women ready to make a difference.

Unbeatable Staff

From the director of the program to the madrichot, each staff member dedicates their summer to making GIVE a great experience for you.

Meaningful Friendships

On NCSY GIVE, teens can be sure they will make meaningful friendships as they bond while doing chesed. Girls from previous years have become best friends and continue to keep in touch.