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About The Trip

It’s all going down south (including GIVE)

givebus2 July 24, 2019

Hi! My name Shana Furman! I’m from West Hempstead, New York! After an amazing night in the Bedouin tents (with very little sleep), we woke up at the very early, 4 am to be exact, and hiked up Masada. There we saw a magnificent and inspiring sunrise and davened shacharit. Then we went back to the Bedouin tents for breakfast and camel riding! It was such an amazing experience riding the camel through the desert. Then we got on the bus and drove to the Dead Sea! Even though the salt burned a little bit, we all had an amazing time putting on mud masks and floating down the Yam Hamelach. Then we took a short drive to Ein Gedi where we splashed around in the water falls and had an amazing time cooling off and relaxing. Then we came back to the base for a great dinner and a chill night. Can’t wait for the rest of the summer!