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About The Trip

Wishing everyone a Shabbat shallom!

givebus2 July 26, 2019

On Thursday we started off our day by running a carnival for children with special needs. It was a blast! The kids were adorable and super sweet. There were a whole bunch of different booths. There was a nail polish station, water ballon station, cookie decorating station and much more. The booth that I ran was throwing sponges at our faces. Let me tell you, some of those kids had great aim. We then ate delicious falafel for lunch. After we had lunch we went to the shuk. But before we went Shosh made sure to teach us how to bargain. At the shuk we were able to try a whole bunch of different Israeli foods and buy gifts and souvenirs. Once we finished getting all our goodies, we then had to say goodbye for the weekend. I hope everyone has a great Shabbat with their family and friends!
Chaya Warren