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About The Trip

Beit HaYeled in Gilo and United Hatzalah

burackz August 8, 2012

Once we met back from the free weekend, our group split between the Beit HaYeled in Gilo and United Hatzalah to get back into our chessed routine. At the Beit HaYeled, a project of Amit, we ran activities for the children who cannot be at home with their families. We modeled and painted clay, baked cookies, made balloon animals- it was a blast! At Hatzalah, we took a course in basic CPR and toured the premises. Hatzalah does so much to help ensure the safety and security of our people all over the world. Of course the day was then suplemented with some excellent shopping and then ended with a rousing game of… HUMAN PACMAN! (check out the pictures to get a better idea of just what constitutes human pacman.)


We’re so glad to be back with our GIVE family