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About The Trip

Sally the camel has 4 humps! GIVE heads down south…

burackz August 8, 2012

On Monday we started off our day at Leket, collecting vegetables in the fields and at Chazon Yeshaya, preparing lunch at the local soup kitchen. If you think about it, many of the vegetables we collected will be used in soup kitchens just like Chazon Yeshaya! We were a part of the process from start to finish! WOW.

We then headed to Kfar Nokdim, where we went camel and donkey riding and prepared for our awesome slumber party in the Bedouin tents! Dinner was filled with kabobs and rice, followed by delicious Bedouin tea and fresh watermelon. We ended off the night with a huge bonfire and kumsitz under the stars. We love the desert!

We woke up early the next morning, well, early is an understatement. We woke up at 4 am to climb Massada and made sure to get there before the sun did. We were successful and watched a beautiful sunrise, davened and learned about the history of this historic landmark. The next two stops for the day were the Dead Sea, which was quite exfoliating, and Ein Gedi, where we hiked a bit and enjoyed the beautiful waterfalls.

Before leaving, we bumped into NCSY BILT and used the run-in as an opportunity to break out… COLOR WAR! More to come