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About The Trip

Shabbos in Yerucham

burackz July 22, 2012

Or should we say, YeruCHAM because it was so very hot there…

We welcomed in shabbos standing on a mountain top in the middle of the desert, overlooking emptiness. As the wind enveloped us and carried our tefillos up to Hashem, we felt the vast greatness of the world around us and our little, yet significant role in this world. The tefillah, singing and dancing was so beautiful. From there we returned back to our hotel, had dinner and ended off the evening with a spectacular tisch. The next day was filled with learning and more singing, and concluded with an uplifting “ebbing” (slow singing and stories as shabbos is leaving) held in the middle of the desert. We wrapped up our time in the desert with Hisbodedus, the art of talking to Hashem one on one, in your native tongue, through free-association. We encouraged the girls to think of Hashem as a friend, to sit alone and to get to know this friend a little bit better.

All in all, it was a great shabbos! We love the South! (…and the North. And well, everywhere in this Holy land!)