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About The Trip

Tisha B’av

burackz July 29, 2012

It was a challenging transition from shabbos into Tisha B’av, but with the help of Rabbi Felberman’s halachic guidance and the advisors tireless energy, the transition was so very meaningful. We ushered in Tisha B’av with the reading of Eichah and 2 kinnos, explained and introduced by our advisors. We then broke into the Hate Program, where pictures and quotes surrounding gruesome hate crimes lined the floor, surrounded by candles. The GIVErs were asked to pick one image or quote that spoke to them and were invited to share with the group how they relate to and feel about the hate in our world today. The girls were then told to write down everything that they love and cherish, dream about and strive for, to capture the good in the world. After all of these notes were collected, we burned them in front of the girls, explaining that though we cannot relate to the loss of the Beis HaMikdash, this is what it feels like to have that which you most value burned before your very eyes. We concluded by encouraging the girls to prevent their dreams from burning and to look towards the future as a means of hope. We then sang together, under the stars, and then headed to sleep. This morning we had explanitory kinnos, led by the advisors, and then had an optional showing of “Life is Beautiful” for anyone not interested in resting during the break. We were visited by Rabbi Steve Burg, International NCSY Director and Managing Director for the OU, and Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin, Director of Education for NCSY. Later this afternoon, we headed to the Kotel for Mincha and joined with hundreds of thousands of Jews by this most sacred site. We then broke our fast at Beit Ticho, a delicious dairy restaurant and headed back to Mevaseret for a good nights rest. IyH we should see the coming of Mashiach very soon!