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About The Trip

Yad Sara, Leket, Yad L’kashish, and United Hatzlah

burackz August 2, 2012
Bus 1 and 2 split up for today into 4 different chessed projects- spreading our GIVEing to even more people. At Yad Sara we washed wheelchairs and learned about all of the services and equiptment provided to the disabled. At Leket, we helped harvest and gather tomatoes that will be donated to soup kitchens all over Israel. At Yad L’kashish we worked, sang and conversed with an eclectic group of elderly immigrants who produce beautiful pieces of art, later sold in gift shops around Israel. And at United Hatzalah, we toured the Hatzalah facilities and learned about the incredible services Hatzalah provides to those in need of immediate medical assistance. What awesome chessed we did today!