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About The Trip

Clowning Around, Guest Blogger: Ahava Smith

give July 9, 2013

This morning we had the chance to learn how to be medical clowns from the hilarious expert, Jeff. He explained to us the best ways to make the patients laugh. He taught us many different skills such as how to make balloon animals, how to juggle, and how to walk and act like a clown. Once we perfected these techniques we were crowned with our red noses and ready to set out.

After having an inspiring chaburah in a beautiful park in Modiin we went to the Icholov hospital in Tel Aviv. The first room I went into had a young solider and her friend. We went in with smiles on our faces and with the hopes of brightening their day. We sang the song she requested and even gave her some stickers and a balloon animal. The smile that she gave in return made all the practice worth it! Overall the experience was inspiring and I can’t wait to go bring some happiness to many other patients!