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About The Trip

It was a tearful goodbye :(

give August 4, 2013

After some shopping at Machaneh Yehuda and Ben Yehuda we began our final program on NCSY GIVE 2013. We started off with the candle passing ceremony, where each GIVEr had the opportunity to share some thoughts about her summer. It isn’t often that we get to hear from each and every GIVEr, so this was something very meaningful. This program gave us the chance to learn even more about everyone and deepened our ever growing connection to each other.

Our next stop was the banquet, which was filled with both laughter and tears. We had the chance to hear words of Torah and chizuk from Rabbi Felberman, David Cutler, Erin Stiebel, and many of our own GIVErs. We watched an incredible video that was a hilarious and at times emotional recap of our summer. Our banquet ended with many tear-filled goodbyes as we loaded the busses to the airport.

As we wait in the airport to begin boarding the plane back to JFK, we are amazed at how a 5 week summer program can change your entire life.

We truly had the Best. Summer. Ever.