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About The Trip

NCSY GIVE — All Girls Summer Program in Israel

give June 16, 2013

GIVE (Girls Israel Volunteer Experience) is an all-girls, five-week Israel-based summer program that focuses heavily on volunteering and chesed opportunities while traveling the country.

GIVE’s chesed activities include creating a carnival for children from Sderot, teaching Ethiopian children how to read Hebrew, developing and participating in activities with mentally disabled children and adults and much more!

The fun, family-oriented atmosphere on GIVE allows girls to grow in their passion for chesed and love of Judaism all while having a blast, touring, learning, and making friendships that will last a lifetime!

“This past summer on NCSY GIVE changed my life forever. The amazing chesed opportunities and inspiring Torah learning with counselors and friends provided me with the tools to appreciate life as a Jew and to live my life to the fullest! My summer on GIVE was unbelievable.” –Isabella S., Cleveland, OH