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About The Trip

Staff Spotlight: Aviyah Rosenwasser

give June 18, 2013


Heyaaa! What’s goin on my fellow brothers and sisters?! My name’s Aviyah Rosenwasser, born and raised in Chicago, IL! This year will be my fourth year on NCSY Give, and boy does it just keep getting better and better! I just finished my second year at MMY, and will be attending Bar Ilan University, after making Aliyah this summer B’Ezrat Hashem, on August 27! I hope that by then Mashiach will come, and you all will be joining me as I embark on my journey back home after 2000 years! 🙂 And things that I love…hmmm…too hard for me to pinpoint anything specifically! I just love everything! From people, to food, to Israel – the list just goes on and on… (Well, I guess except for hot cola hahaha!) Catchya later!