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About The Trip

Staff Spotlight: Shoshana Grad

give June 25, 2013

Helllllloooooo! My name is Shoshana but I don’t think anyone has ever called me that before. My friends call me Shosh and family calls me Shana… Why two different names? I have absolutely no idea. I live in Livingston, New Jersey, and will be a senior in Stern College in the fall. Some important things you should know about me: I am completely terrified of fish, I have poor circulation in one toe, I have OCD for brushing my teeth, I have grandparents named Lenore and Leonard, I have a peanut butter M&M OBSESSION, I am most probably the best guitar hero player in all of Israel, I love to play basketball, and I have a pet frog named Spaghetti. I’m so excited for my second summer on NCSY GIVE and to spend a (g)RAD summer with all of you!!!