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About The Trip

The Absorption Center

give July 14, 2013

Visiting an absorption center for the first time for many girls was an incredible experience.

An absorption center is a small community catered towards the Ethiopian community that made Aliyah to Israel in the recent years.

The girls highly enjoyed hanging out and getting to know all the various ages of the children in the center. The children there had so much fun playing all different types of games and activities with the GIVErs.

From painting their faces, playing sports, and just giggling together while getting to know each other, the GIVE girls made a huge difference in the center today as well as learning important things about different sects in our Jewish communities. By the time it was time to leave, both the Ethiopian children and the GIVE girls had such a hard time saying goodbye to their new friends! Each girl walked out of the center so excited about the experience they just had. It was an incredible day that everyone is sure to take back home with them!