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About The Trip

Visit to the Shomron

give July 15, 2013

Right now we are sitting at Alon Moreh, at an unbelievable spot overlooking Shechem. We are spending this erev Tishah B’Av touring the Shomron. We began by going to Givat Molam where the majority of the organic eggs in Israel are produced.  We saw how an empty mountaintop can turn into the source of an industry when someone has a dream and acts on it.

Our next stop was Itamar. We had the opportunity to go to the yeshiva building that was built in memory of the Fogel family. Part of the Fogel family was murdered on a Friday night in 2011.  We watched a movie that taught us about how special the Fogel family was. The building is simply beautiful, with an Aron Kodesh that is indescribable.

After a windy drive, we made if to the top of Alon Moreh. We are sitting here listening to the history of this spot while looking at the breathtaking views of Shechem.

We will make one more stop at Har Grizim to see Shechem from a different angle before going back to Mevasseret, for what we hope to be a meaningful and inspiring Tishah B’Av.