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About The Trip

What a GIVEaldik day :)

give July 7, 2013

Coming off an awesome Shabbos and electrifying Motzei Shabbos outing, there is only one way to describe today- GIVEaldik!!! We   started off our day bright and early heading north to Netanya. We arrived at Emunah’s children home, Beit Elizraki, with ruach and energy. The kids in Beit Elazraki presented their beautiful sounding choir and very coordinated dancers. GIVErs then split up and played, danced, and hung out with all the various children.

We all had an incredible time and loved the experience. We then set out to a park and had a delicious BBQ for lunch followed by inspiring Chaburot. Feeling satisfied both physically and spiritually, we went to go enjoy the stunning beach in Netanaya. Swimming and splashing we all had a blast, but we couldn’t stay too long because we needed to go and get ready for our flash mob at Beit Levinson, a hospital in Renana. The patients of Beit Levinson had a festival outside, and the awesome GIVErs brought the ruach and dance moves to spread the cheer to all, near and far. Smiles, laughter, and dancing filled the air in Beit Levinson and everyone left feeling inspired knowing that they made someone’s day.

We are now heading back to Mevaseret to have dinner and end the day with a shiur from Rabbi Nissel. Like I said, no other words other then GIVEaldik!!!!