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About The Trip

What an incredible first Shabbos on GIVE! Guest Blogger, Efrat Malachi

give July 6, 2013

Our first Shabbos on GIVE was incredible!

My experience was unbelievable thanks to everyone who made it possible, and a big shout out to Mo for the amazing food I couldn’t get enough of. I was just hopping around from place to place trying to do everything at once and still try to find an hour for myself to rest. As you can see we had an amazing night since we all slept in. Sleep is a wonderful thing and I think that was the perfect time to take advantage of it as we all did. What added to this Shabbos a lot was meeting so many new girls from all over the country and becoming friend with them. It’s awesome because now you know wherever you go you’ll always have a place to go to. The singing of all of our GIVErs really added to the fun of Shabbos and lifted our spirits so much higher than what it was at the beginning. To end off an extraordinary Shabbos, we had ebbing which was unimaginable! I could tell how much everyone was into it and what our souls had to pour out. I definitely gained a lot this Shabbos, so imagine what another four weeks will do!!!

-Efrat/Effie Malachi