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About The Trip

“A Happening” with a Splish and Splash!

give July 22, 2014


Today marks the second week since NCSY GIVE has started. Not only has all our days been special, but today’s activities were truly remarkable. The beginning of the day started where we were located in Tzfat. The girls created  what was called “A Happening,” very similar to a carnival. The girls got dressed up in bright colors and costumes. Families from the south of Israel have either traveled up north to stay in safety or came up for a daily activity in a place called Beit Yigal. The girls were incredible at bringing simcha to all the children’s faces. They ran freeze dances, sports games, tie dying, and necklace making. Children, teens, and even mothers enjoyed being around the GIVE girls. The smiles brought to the children’s faces were indescribable. A mother approached the group afterwards and spoke to us about the amazing work they had done today for all the children. We traveled back to our hotel where the girls had an opportunity to make packages for soldiers in Gaza. The moment we were done packaging a truck picked up our stuff and headed straight down to our soldiers in Gaza. After a well deserved lunch the girls had some free time at the Tzfat market place. We had the privilege of going to a water park for night activity with all the girls from other NCSYsummer programs as well. The girls had a great time socializing and seeing their friends. It has been another successful day on NCSY GIVE!