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About The Trip

An Awesome Jam Packed Day on GIVE!

give August 10, 2014

I think many girls would agree that today’s jam packed day was a memorable one. We started our day off in a place called Yad L’kashish. This is a place that takes in elderly immigrants that don’t know the language or have skill and teach them a trade. After the girls had a chance to interact with the workers they saw the beautiful gift shop of all the things that elderly actually make. We then made our way back to the hotel for lunch and our Body Image program. We started off by splitting the girls into groups and giving them newspaper to create an outfit from a specific category. After each team performed, we watched a video and Miriam Borenstein spoke to the girls about many aspects of this important topic. When finished we made our way to the One Family fund headquarters. There the girls had a chance to interact with kids whom’s families have been traumatized one way or another by a terrorist attack. They went on a scavenger hunt around the area and really had a chance to get to know and have fun with the kids. We went back to the hotel for dinner and had a big surprise waiting for the girls. One of our advisors had written a letter to chayalim during one of our programs. She had left her number at the bottom and in doing so a chayal in tanks decided to extend the thanks and call her back. She explained to him what GIVE does and asked him if he wanted to come and speak a few brief words to the girls. He came and truly ended off our summer bringing it into a full circle. After that very emotional talk, we walked to the Kotel for the very last time on GIVE 2014. This jam packed day was filled with truly great memories.