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About The Trip

Back Together Again!

give August 3, 2014

Chani Boczko and Mercedes Essebag here from Woodmere, NY and Toronto, Canada. This morning NCSY GIVE came back from our off weekend in Israel. All of us got a chance to visit relatives or friends whom we’ve been waiting to see. When we got back from our off weekend we joined together and headed off to independence park to eat a delicious lunch from Holy Bagel (yum.) Then we went to “Time Elevator,” which is a 4d movie that displays Jerusalem’s history. We then hopped on the buses and traveled to sunny Beit Shemesh. We were split into two groups and made carnivals for Ethiopian kids from under privileged homes. We played sports, danced, arts and crafts, relay raced, and so much more! Through bonding with these kids, we developed relationships and grew a lot through the experience. We then drove back to Mevaseret and heard from Rabbi Nissel about mashiach (oy oy oy oy oy.) We then had a delicious dinner and are ready for our exciting night activity!

The night activity was a beautiful tribute to our soldiers that defend our country. We learned about gratitude of the things and people we should be thankful for in our lives. Tomorrow we have the exciting opportunity to go to a rest stop in Gush Etzion and give out baked goods to soldiers on the way home or too their bases. The girls made desserts for the soldiers tomorrow, and looking forward to the exciting opportunity to help Am Yisroel.