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About The Trip

Banana Boating and Carnivals!

give July 23, 2014


NCSY GIVE is entering our third week in Israel, but we still never stop having the adventure of our lives. This morning from Tzfat we traveled to the Kineret to go Banana boating. The girls enjoyed boating, swimming, and relaxing in the refreshing waters of the Kineret. We dried off and had our lunch as we prepped for our carnivals. Today the GIVE girls had a privilege to create their own carnival for children that come from broken homes. They had a chance to take the kids out of their normal setting and interact with happy, young girls who entertained them for the afternoon. Each bus made there way to their respected locations and ran a two incredible carnivals for these children. The thanks that we heard from the head staff wasn’t enough, and the girls gained from the children as much as the children gained from the GIVE girls. We ended our day with a delicious dinner in Tveria, right next to the Kineret. We can’t wait for our adventure to continue!