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About The Trip

Chessed, Donkey Riding, Boat Rides, and More!

give July 20, 2014


Our jam packed day was filled with chessed, ancient times, and boat rides. The beginning of our adventure started right outside our hotel in Tzfat. The girls gathered together in their chaburahs and painted individual signs. When all the groups got together we took a huge group photo with the signs spelling out, “Our hearts are with you.” This was our chance to show NCSY GIVE’s support to our brothers out in the battlefield. We hope to have every girl post this picture on their own social media accounts, so that it can reach more a wide range of people. We believe that one way to make a statement is through social media, so by incorporating this, the NCSY GIVE family decided to take a stand. GIVE then made their way to Kfar Kedem. The girls had a chance to dress as they did in the ancient world, eat lunch like they did, and even ride donkeys to see how people used animals as transportation. We ended off our experience with pita making on an iron grill. Afterwards, We headed towards the Kineret for the end of our day. As the girls boarded to boat on the Kineret we were privileged to have a family from the south join us. NCSY GIVE invited a family from Ashkelon to take a break from all the trauma they go through daily. The girls had a chance to get to know the family, where they came from, and even dance with them. I’m sure this experience gave the family happiness as well as gave the girls the privilege to share their special opportunity of being on a summer program. We headed to dinner and afterwards the girls had some time to walk around the board walk and shop around. The day had many elements to it, and we know not only was it a fun and informative day, but a meaningful one as well. We should only know of peace in Israel, and all our brothers fighting should come home safely.