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About The Trip

Chessed, Ice Skating and Mall Adventures!

give July 27, 2014


After our third, wonderful Shabbos on GIVE we enjoyed our sunday around the Tveria area. We started our day off by splitting the girls into four groups. Two groups went to nursing homes, and two groups went to hospitals to put smiles on the patients faces. Each group had the chance to chat, sing, dance, and just listen to the people of the Israel. The girls had a wonderful time bringing smiles to all of their faces. Afterwards, GIVE enjoyed a delicious lunch right outside the ice skating rink that they thoroughly enjoyed on a hot day. We then ventured off to the Ma’alot mall where they had the opportunity to hang out with their friends, buy food, and shop around. We came back to the hotel, had dinner, and enjoyed an awesome night activity that Alexa Ratner prepared. Today was a great, relaxing day, and we are all looking forward to the upcoming week.