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About The Trip

Continuation of our north adventure!

give July 11, 2014

The second day on NCSY GIVE started off on an incredible high as we hiked down the edge of Har Arbel. Singing and dancing, the girls had a chance to overlook the breathtaking view of the lower Galilee. The guides were so impressed with the girls piercer branch and positive attitude while hiking down the huge mountain. Afterwords we cooled down in tap macholet as the girls purchased ice cream. Then we made our way to the ever of the Rambam. Miriam, our assistant director, explained to the girls a little bit about his history and philosophy. Following mincha we had lunch and continued to tour the Rambam center. The tour guide played a few games with the girls as he brought the Torah to life. Soon we’ll be going back to the hotel to get ready for Shabbos kodesh! We will be spending Shabbos up in the Galil, NCSY GIVE is looking forward to spending an inspirational and wonderful first Shabbos together! Shabbat Shalom!