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About The Trip

Ethiopian Absorption Center, Shvail Hapisga, and Rashbi’s Kever

give July 16, 2014

Today was packed with chessed, hiking, and holy sites. NCSY GIVE  started off the day with an incredible chessed that the girls had been looking forward too. We arrived at the Tzfat Ethiopian Absorption Center where the girls were taken to sit around small tables with young Ethiopian children. They did art projects, sand and danced with them. You saw the children’s eyes light up when they were given the upmost attention by our GIVE girls. Not only did the GIVE girls make these kids days, but they learned about a special community that is growing in Israel. Afterwards we had lunch at Shvil HaPisga right before we hiked up the mountain. The hike had gorgeous views of the north that couldn’t even be captured on camera. The girls enjoyed talking, bonding, and laughing as the hiked up to the top of the mountain. Then we went to our last stop of the day, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochei’s Kever in Meron. The girls learned some history, and had the privilege to daven mincha in Rashbi’s Kever. After the long, but fun packed day we headed back to our campus for dinner and night activity. Everyone felt happy and accomplished  when looking back on our day!