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About The Trip

Finally Home

give July 30, 2014

Hi my name is Tova Asher and I am from Atlanta, Georgia. This is my first time in Israel so, today was a very special day for me. After three long weeks of yearning for the day we would be able to enter Jerusalem, we were finally able to! Before we were able to go, we stopped to pay a shiva call to a family who lost their son in the war. Although, we had no relation to this soldier, I could tell we made all the difference to the mourning parents. As a group of girls from all over, we came together to show our support as Klal Yisorael often does for each other. After this, we made our way to the long-awaited Jerusalem. The beauty of the city was jaw dropping. Soon after arriving, all of the first timers were blindfolded and escorted through the city as we made our way to the Kotel. Once we arrived, one by one we removed our bandanas and  took in the beautiful site. Although, I have been learning about Israel my whole life, no amount of preparation could have  prepared  me  for what I saw. For the first time, everything I have learned about for the past 11 years became real. I was able to feel the holiness of this site, and finally understood what everyone meant by “…you’ll see when you go to the Kotel.” After experiencing such a spiritual high, we then went to Chezkiyahu’s tunnels. It was mind-blowing  to know that I was walking through the same tunnels that my own nation had used many years ago. I also enjoyed learning about the City of David while touring the ruins of the city. While walking around, all I could think about was the fact that this was the same place the Jewish people lived during the time of King David, yet we continue to carry out this legacy for generations to come. We then made our way to Meveseret, our base, and had dinner there. This was definitely a memorable day and I’ll always attribute spiritual growth when looking back in years to come.