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Guest Blogger: Chaya Robinson: Hiking Elective

give August 7, 2014

My name is Chaya Robinson, from Manhattan, NY. Today for elective day, I chose the hiking elective. We got on the bus in the morning and headed to Nachal Arugot, in Midbar Yehuda. We got off the bus with our hats, sunscreen, and 3 liters of water, and began the hike. The scenery was gorgeous. We were surrounded by the huge mountains of the desert, with trees growing out of the sides and mountain goats jumping up the cliffs. At some points of the hike, we were walking through a stream, which was really cool considering it was in the middle of a desert. We stopped for lunch at a waterfall, and took a break to cool off in the water. Then, when we finished the hike, we got back on the bus and headed to the Dead Sea! We ran down the beach to the water, which in contrast to the cold waterfalls in the desert, was warm and salty. When we went into the water, we found it almost impossible to stand, because the salt water was pulling our feet up to the surface of the water! After the Dead Sea, we got back on the bus to join the rest of GIVE for an awesome time at the Malcha mall. it was another amazing day at NCSY GIVE!