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About The Trip

Guest Blogger: Gennifer!

give July 12, 2014


Hi Im Gennifer with a G and I’m from New Jersey! The first Shabbos at Camp GIVE was amazing!!! We just shmoozed and chilled and ate… ALOT! We had the great opportunity to hear a speech from the amazing Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller about our favorite mitzvos, which was truly inspiring. my favorite part of Shabbos was Ebbing! I truly enjoyed sitting in a circle with the rest of the GIVErs and just singing your heart out. Later in the night we had “So You Think You Can Dance,” where we split into teams and danced for the judges. We all had so much fun! Shabbos couldn’t have been more fun! I wish everyday was Shabbos! Shout out to Mom and Dad Berko! I love you!